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Hi There,

My name is Heather Riley.

I am the owner and creator of Make It Pop Balloon Company.

How it all started...

I am a wife and busy mother of four. As a mother, I developed a passion for throwing parties for my kids. My husband will tell you that my “Pinterest Parties” are always over the top. I do not know how to do small events! Like other people, my first attempt at a balloon garland was using an Amazon kit! It took FOREVER! I had no idea what I was doing but my garland stole the décor show. They became a party staple for me but there had to be an easier way to put them together! I became obsessed and watched endless tutorials. I used any event I could as an excuse to practice. One day I decided to offer some balloon garlands to a local community group. My inbox erupted! With so much interest I decided to start Make It Pop Balloon Company! It is my great joy to be a part of so many people’s reasons to celebrate. I absolutely love making your vision come to life and playing a small part in the creation of those unforgettable memories.

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